Ari Kytsya: The Rising TikTok and Instagram Star and Model - Net Worth Post (2024)

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Ari Kytsya, real name Ariel Danyluk, is a social media sensation born on 7th March 2001, in Seattle, Washington State, USA. Her back-up Instagram account has almost 270,000 followers alone at time of writing, and her content often racks up thousands of likes and comments within hours, so it’s safe to say that Ari is one of the most relevant Gen Z TikTokers as of early 2024.

Little is known of Ari’s childhood, parents and education, However, during a recent interview with podcasters Sidney and Stellar of “forever online pod”, the blonde revealed that her family originally hail from British Columbia, Canada, despite her being born in the USA, and that Ari is the fourth of five sisters. None of her older siblings have followed Ari’s footsteps, however: one is an oceanographer, another is studying to become a doctor, and the third is a licensed cosmetologist.

Since rising to fame, Ari has done quite a lot of moving around. The first time the TikToker relocated to Los Angeles, she lasted six months before getting cold feet and returning to Seattle. She then gave Los Angeles a second try but once again returned to her home city, due to what she jokingly calls her ‘attachment issues’, and inability to leave her family behind.



One of the main topics that came up during Ari’s interview with Sidney and Stellar was her new career as an adult actress and OnlyFans creator. Many netizens have wondered why the TikTok-to-p*rn star pipeline is so prevalent, as Ari is just one of many young men and women to build up a strong fanbase on the social media platform before deciding to join the adult entertainment industry.

Baylee Adami is one of Ari’s longtime collaborators, as the duo have been creating adult content together since they met in July 2023. Baylee is based in Illinois, two hours away from Chicago, so she and Ari met through social media when they began following each other. However, it’s unclear whose idea it was to collaborate on the platform.

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Taking it back to Ari’s career beginnings and time in Los Angeles, she was previously part of a content house, and has dramatically likened the experience to ‘human trafficking’, referring to the fact that she wasn’t being paid for the work she was doing. ‘When I was there, there was one person doing Tik Toks and the rest of them were just like, weird men trying to make an app,’ Ari told Sidney and Stellar. According to the social media celeb, her job was to be an in-house maid and clean up after everyone else.

Ari met the owners of the content house through mutual friends, and was intrigued at the idea of moving into an extravagant mansion and being paid to post online, given that at the time, she was living in a friend’s apartment and didn’t have many career prospects. However, she soon became disillusioned, and realized that the content house – which she’s declined to name – was doing nothing for her image or advancement.

When Ari’s friend’s grandmother was murdered and the owner of the content house told her to ‘get over it’, she knew she needed to leave the toxic environment. Luckily for her, she was able to move in with a friend, and kickstart her own Tik Tok career.


It’s unsurprising that Ari moved back to Seattle, as most of her experiences in Los Angeles were overwhelmingly negative. One time, she was allegedly chased by a strange man who began harassing her while she was waiting in the subway – and although there were crowds of onlookers watching the incident unfold, nobody came forward to help.

When it comes to sex work, Ari is very transparent about the importance of having a long-term plan, and not having to rely on OnlyFans forever. However, she herself admits to having no idea about investing or starting a business, and for the time being, is just saving as much money as she can until she knows what to do with it.

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‘I don’t want to be doing this forever,’ Ari candidly said during the interview. However, she claims that making TikToks is much more stressful than creating OnlyFans content, and that if she had the choice, she would stop using TikTok altogether. At the same time, she feels that if she didn’t upload several TikToks a day, she’d stop being relevant and making money off the platform.

In a late 2023 post, Ari did her make-up while discussing her job. According to the social media star, she starts her day off by messaging people and getting ready to post TikToks. When the TikToks are done, she replies to the rest of her messages, and starts creating OnlyFans content. Although that doesn’t sound like much work, Ari apparently spends one or two days a month creating back-to-back content, a process which can take up to 14 hours.


Personal Life

In November 2023, Ari celebrated her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Emiliano M De Contreras. ‘I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime full of love and experiences,’ the blonde wrote on Instagram. ‘I finally found what I was looking for all in one place, I love you baby.’

Although Emiliano has become the butt of many online jokes due to Ari’s raunchy OnlyFans content, he appears unbothered and completely supportive of his girlfriend’s career. Emiliano himself works in digital marketing and public relations, and frequently uploads photos with minor celebrities, such as influencer Tana Mongeau or rapper Trippie Redd.

Ari and Emiliano’s relationship started off when they stayed up all night at an unspecified beach, getting to know each other. Since then, they’ve traveled to five continents, adopted two dogs together, and are believed to be living under the same roof. Although Ari doesn’t want to become a mother just yet, she previously said she would like to have a baby in the next few years.

Ari Kytsya: The Rising TikTok and Instagram Star and Model - Net Worth Post (2024)
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