Find Parts & Upgrades for Your Dell Computer & more (2024)

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† Screen simulated, subject to change. Feature availability and rollout timing varies by market and device.
15. Dell has the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of multi-cloud-capable storage from a single vendor. Based on Dell analysis. February 2024.
16. The world’s most comprehensive storage portfolio with robust security . Based on Dell analysis of Primary, Unstructured, PBBA, and HCI segments, February 2024.

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PayPal: The PayPal Credit is a credit line to fund Dell purchases made online. Check out how PayPal Credit works.

*Join the Dell rewards program for free to get exclusive offers and other benefits. The new XPS 13 9340, new XPS 14 9440 or new XPS 16 9640 Dell Rewards promotion is only valid for Dell Rewards members from 20th February to 1st April. See full program terms at Dell Rewards | Dell UK

**Rewards:Rewards are earned on Dell purchases (excluding Dell Outlet purchases and third party products) made on Find out all information on Dell Rewards Program.

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1. Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis and Other Important Information: *Onsite service is determined by technician and cause of issue; may involve customer access to inside of system and multiple or extended sessions. If issue is covered by warranty and not resolved remotely, technician or part will be dispatched, usually within 1-2 business days following completion of remote diagnosis. Onsite service is provided by Dell Marketing L.P. Availability and terms vary by country and by product. For complete details
Onsite availability varies by country and service purchased. Onsite service available after remote diagnosis on field serviceable units.

3. Pricing: The pricing available on this site is Dell’s pricing for online purchases only. No discounts apply to Dell’s online pricing other than the savings listed on this site. Any promotional savings listed on this site are referenced off of a previous online price for the same product or service. If you have contractual terms with Dell that refer to list pricing, please contact your Dell sales representative to obtain information about Dell’s list pricing.

Prices and specifications are correct at date of publication but subject to availability or change without notice. Photos for illustrative purposes only - actual items may differ from photo. Dell cannot be responsible for errors in typography or photography. Offers limited to 5 systems per customer per promotional period. For purchases above 5 units our Small Business Technology Advisors are here to help. Click to Chat. Prices and offers listed online are only valid for online purchases through Dell's web store.

4. Disclaimer details for Advanced Exchange: Onsite or Advanced Exchange after remote diagnosis (a) Onsite after remote diagnosis is determined by online/phone technician of cause of issue, may involve customer access to inside of system and multiple extended sessions. If issue is covered by Limited Hardware Warranty and not resolved remotely, technician and/or part will be dispatched usually within 1 or 2 business days following completion of remote diagnosis. Onsite service is provided by Dell Marketing L.P., Availability varies. Other conditions apply. (b) Advanced Exchange replaces hardware after remote diagnosis. Customer must return original hardware to Dell according to the rules specified. Advanced Exchange subject to country availability. (c) For complete details about onsite or Advanced Exchange, please see contracts.

5. Hard drive retention: Hard drive retention is not available on models with a soldered hard drive, including XPS 9315 2in1, Chromebooks or Venue tablets, except the Venue 11 Pro.

6. Delivery Conditions:
Products marked as Free Next Business Day Delivery, or similar, ship on the same day if ordered before 5pm Monday - Friday and will be delivered the next business day (excluding bank holidays and weekends) for customers located in UK mainland (excluding Scottish Highlands, Offshore Islands, Northern Ireland, and all overseas territories). Next business day delivery dependent on payment made by debit/credit card or PayPal and upon confirmation of order by Dell. See Next Business Day Delivery for full terms.
All other products will be delivered via the fastest available method (excluding bank holidays and weekends) and generally within 3-5 days, depending on customer location.

15. Based on Dell analysis, November 2022. Dell Optimizer is the AI-based optimization software for commercial PCs and MyDell is the AI-based optimization software for consumer and small business PCs. Dell Optimizer is not available in OptiPlex 3000 series, Latitude Chromebook Enterprise, and Linux-based devices.

Dell Corporation Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 778776, with limited permission to act as a credit broker. Dell Corporation Limited is not a lender and only operates as a credit broker exclusively for PayPal Credit. . PayPal Credit is a trading name of PayPal UK Ltd, Whittaker House, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey, TW9 1EH, United Kingdom. PayPal Credit acceptance is subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

Find Parts & Upgrades for Your Dell Computer & more (2024)


How do I update my old Dell computer? ›

Here's how to get your Dell computer's latest Windows updates and device drivers. To check for a Windows Update, click the Windows Start button and go to 'Settings'. Click on the Windows Update tab, then select 'Check for updates'. If there are updates available, follow the instructions to install them.

Can Dell computers be upgraded? ›

Desktop or tower computers are upgradable in most circ*mstances. Depending on the chassis design, you may be able to upgrade several components. Storage (solid state drive or hard drive) is commonly the easiest item to upgrade.

How do I find my Dell computer details? ›

Open up your browser and browse Enter your Service Tag, click Search. On the Overview page, click the View product specs.

Can I upgrade the processor on my Dell desktop? ›

You will need to ask dell what processors are supported by their bios. Then, you can select from those. An upgrade processor must be bios, socket, and chipset compatible.

Can a computer be too old to update? ›

As your computer ages, it's more difficult to install new programs and operating system updates. It takes longer to open existing programs, and there might be limited storage space.

How can I speed up my old Dell computer? ›

  1. Optimize your computer using SupportAssist.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Run a hardware diagnostic test.
  4. Scan your computer for malware.
  5. Restore the computer using Windows System Restore.
  6. Restore the computer to factory default settings.
Feb 1, 2024

What model Dell computer do I have? ›

Turn on your computer. At the Dell logo screen, tap the F2 key several times to access the BIOS or UEFI. If the operating system starts, reboot the computer and try again. On the BIOS or UEFI menu, find the product model in the menu title or listed under System Name.

How do you tell how old your Dell computer is? ›

Finding your Dell laptop year, make, and model number

To find the year, make, and model number of your Dell laptop, you can use the Service Tag number or the Dell serial number located on the bottom of the laptop.

How do I find the full details of my computer? ›

To check your PC hardware specs, click on the Windows Start button, then click on Settings (the gear icon). In the Settings menu, click on System. Scroll down and click on About. On this screen, you should see specs for your processor, Memory (RAM), and other system info, including Windows version.

Can I upgrade from an i5 to an i7? ›

Can I upgrade my laptop processor from i5 to i7? Yes, you can upgrade to the latest i7 processor from i5. It is not as easy as just replacing the old processor with the new one. You might need to purchase a new motherboard that works with the i7 processor to accomplish the update.

Can I upgrade my Dell laptop processor from i3 to i7? ›

Buy a new i7 processor, open up your laptop, uninstall the old i3, and put in the new i7. Search the internet for more solutions. But in the end, it doesn't even matter. You can't upgrade the processor of a laptop, because it's embedded onto the motherboard.

Can you just upgrade your processor? ›

While you can upgrade virtually all Windows desktop processors and motherboards, upgrading a laptop's processor is often impossible; even if your laptop model supports changing the processor, doing so is a tricky process that is more likely to harm your computer than help it. Find your computer's motherboard model.

Can I update an old desktop computer? ›

Can I upgrade my computer? The easiest way to upgrade your computer is upgrading the memory and storage drives. Other updates are a little more complicated and have more dependencies. However, it is generally possible to update the processor (CPU), video cards, fans, and even the motherboard of your computer.

How do I update my old computer software? ›

To make sure your software is up-to-date, first click the Windows icon, select Control Panel, then select System and Security, then Windows Update. Click Check for updates to manually check for additional updates.

How do I force a Dell update? ›

To force flash the BIOS on a Dell computer, go to Dell Support and select Detect PC. Then, choose Drivers and Downloads and set BIOS as the category. Download the latest update and save it in an easy-to-find location.

How do I update my old Dell laptop drivers? ›

Select Start and type SupportAssist . Select the SupportAssist app in the search results. In the SupportAssist window, Select Start now. SupportAssist automatically scans your computer, checks for driver updates, downloads, and installs the latest drivers (if available).

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