GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations (Updated 2024) | GTA Cache (2024)

Find all treasure hunt locations in GTA 5 published by Edward Carr.

Treasures in Los Santons

Have you ever thought of hunting treasures in Grand Theft Auto 5, but do not know the best to go about it? Are you looking for some of the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations? No worries as you have come to the right platform where information about some top locations is provided.

You will now discover the best way to make your GTA 5 gaming more satisfying as you take advantage of the opportunity presented here. The treasure hunts locations provided here are handpicked to meet the needs of gamers. With the treasure hunt locations presented here, you will be able to get the Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) revolver.

GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations (Updated 2024) | GTA Cache (1)

Getting Started with Treasure Hunts

Grand Theft Auto 5 is already taking most gamers by surprise with its exclusive features. The Rockstars are now treating their fans with some trending exclusive offers gotten from the RDR2. These exclusive items are rewarded to fans that spotted location in the Treasure Hunt in the Grand Theft Auto on the internet.

To get started with your hunt, join the internet session, and wait patiently for an email alert with the attached photo on your address. The image provided comes with information about the available twenty locations with possible clues as well as a note. The required guides are provided, making it easy to find the location of the treasures.

Get the RDR2 Double-Action Revolver

You will be rewarded with Double-Action Revolver plated with gold. Are you ready to get such a reward presented at the treasure locations? You should go on and take advantage of the things presented to you on GTA Cache. That is where you will be sure of getting the information regarding the location for Treasure Hunt in this game to get your reward.

Treasure Hunt Locations in GTA 5

Alamo Sea Marina

If you have been playing the treasure hunt in Grand Theft Auto, you supposed to have seen the Alamo Sea. It is a sea with uncountable treasures that will enhance your gaming. You will be rewarded handsomely after finding the hidden treasure. The Alamo Sea Marina is among theGTA 5 treasure hunt locationsyou should not forget for any reason.

So, navigate and move to the renowned Alamo Sea to locate the ancient already brown boat located at the shores with sandy soil. To find the clue, check the nearby rocks within the broken boat.

Tataviam Mountains

Finding the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations often requires traveling around different corners of the world. To hunt for the treasures in Tataviam Mountains, you must travel to the beach in the southern part of Palmer-Taylor.

To get to the Power Station, visit the Eastern part in the Map. The most interesting thing is that there is always a clue to locate the treasure. The rocks located on the shore of the sea are where the clue to the treasure is placed.

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Hill Valley Church

Los Santos is where most of GTA 5 treasure hunt locations are mostly found, but you must be attentive to find the hint required to locate them. The hill Valley is where you can find Church treasures.

So, move to the Northern part of the county within the Great Chaparral region. Right at this spot, there is Hilly Valley Church graveyard. The tombstones are scattered on the graveyard, and the clue is placed on the tombstone.

San Chianski Mountain Range

The treasures are found in some of the prime cities in the Grand Theft Auto game. When it comes to the mountain in San Chianski is among the places to find the treasures needed for this game. The clue for the treasure is within reach.

Check on the map within the eastern coast to find the clue to the treasure. Check the location for little jetty fishermen, as you visit the recommended location. The GTA Cache is among the places to find the information on how to identify the clue to the treasures.

The Tongva Hills

The Tongva Hills region is among the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations you should search, as you hunt for treasures needed in the Grand Theft Auto. Moving down to that part of the city is easy, and the clue to the treasure is under the bridge.

You need to bend down low a bit to get the information you need. You should ransack the location for the vineyard.

The Pacific Bluffs

The Del Perro is among the places to check when you hunt for treasures. The pacific bluffs treasures are located on the tombstone. To find treasures in this location, you must be attentive to every detail.

The clue can be confusing to find, but it is located within the tombstones, which you can easily find on top of the Del Perro Pier. GTA Cache remains the right place to enquire about the treasure of your choice.

Vinewood Hills

Right in the Vinewood hills, you should find Galileo Observatory. This location is within the center map. More so, you can find a clue to the treasure when you check the Baytree Canyon Poster. The northern part of observatory remains one of the places you can get the information you need regarding treasure. Vinewood Hills is among theGTA 5 treasure hunt locationswith an obvious clue.

The Cassidy Creek #2

The Cassidy Creek #2 is one of theGTA 5 treasure hunt locations, you should check. It is a location where the treasure is kept with an obvious clue located at the tree within a riverbank in the downhill. Check out this clue to get to the treasure with ease.

Treasure Rewards

You will be rewarded handsomely, as you follow the clue provided in the GTA 5 treasure hunt locations. The treasure hunt locations provided above will give you chances to experience satisfaction with GTA 5 at any given time.

Search through the locations to get as many treasures as you desire without issue. It is the opportunity you need to ensure satisfaction always.

GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations (Updated 2024) | GTA Cache (2024)
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