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Sakura was beginnnging to get a bit more used to being a member of the Girl Group known as Girls Generation after being time traveled into the past, it had been a few days now. She was getting more used to the group dynamic and had even chatted with most of the members and gotten to know there personalities a bit more, especially her roommates, Tiffany and Sooyoung.

Tiffany was easy for her to be cum close to, as Tiffany’s American personality caused her to be very loud, extroverted, and sociable, also, Tiffany always was smiling and always cheerful, so she was an easy friend to make. Sakura thought that Tiffany was probably not one of the members who dislikes her in secret

Sooyoung was a funny and silly person so it was easy to become friends with her as well, but Sakura wasn’t surei f Sooyoung in secret was thinking Sarkua is not deserved to be a member or not…

Some of the other members Sakura had talk to, too. And none of them were mean to her, she thinks maybe taeyeon still is mad at her though. Sakura stil can’t stop thinking about her members in le sserafam and how she misses them…. Chaewon, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Euncahe…. I hoep we can meat again…………

Honey (I'm Perfect For You) - Chapter 2 - GwenLovesReggie - 소녀시대 | Girls' Generation (1)

“Sakura are you nervous for today’s shoot?” Skuar was torn apart from her thoughts at the sound of a voice, she turns and it is tiffany! They are in a car on the way to shoot a variety show called SNSD’s Horror Movie Factory.

“Yeah I’m a little bit nervous….. The first episode we filmed of this show was crazy, so i wonder what will happen today where we are filming the second episod!” Sakura ejacul*ted “But, I am going to be FEARLESS about it!” she said, trying to wink as she referenced her song Fearless by Le Sserafim.

Tiffany didn’t get the joke. “Oh yeah”

The first episode of hte SNSD HOrror Movie factory had been truly Wack. It had been about tricking Taeyeon into thinking that they were really in a haunted house and that Yuri was Possessed by an Demon of Ghost! Sakura wasn’t featured much in the episode, she thought it was probably because she is probably not a popular member… Even in the interview they did the other day, the interviewer barely asked her any questions, the only questions she was asked was about how was it hard to transition from Japan to Korea.

Eventually, they all reached the building. It was a school building! “Wow, we are filming at a school!” Sooyoung explained with oviousness.

Honey (I'm Perfect For You) - Chapter 2 - GwenLovesReggie - 소녀시대 | Girls' Generation (2)


They all walked in. There was a host there.

“Hello girls” said the host of the show. She was some lady who i guess is famous.

“Hello!” they all said politely “annyeseyo” The cameras were rolling and everythin.

“Today, we are going to test your skills at acting! To be in a horror movie! Well that is the hole point of this variety show after all” said the host. “You will be put into teams of 2 and the 2 of u will have to go through the scary haunted school!”


“Ok, the first group we are going to send out will be…” said the lady making everyone stare in wonder and worry of them. “Sakura and Jessica!”

Sakura was so surprised “Me?” she thinked even though she is not popular member? She stood up and Jessica stood up too.

“You two are going to walk to the art room of the scary haunted school” said the lady who is famous i guess.

Sakura walked towards Jessica and they grouped together “ok, fighting! We will be ANTIFRAGILE!” said sakura referencing the song FAearless by Le Sserafim. Nobody got the joke.

“Ok, start!” said the host lady and the two of them walked into the scary dark school.

The school was all dark as the lights were turned off, and it was being penetrated with scary halloween sound effects. “I’m s-scared” said Jessica who moved closer to Sakura in fear.

I must be the strong one here, thought Sakura with Braverly, I will be FEARLESS!

They walked downed the corridors and suddenly a mannequin in the hallways moved, scaring Jessica, causing her to let out a screet which may cause ones’ ears to begin Bleeding in fear. Sakura jumped at the noise and turned to Jessica “are you ok?” she asked her, looking at the other girl, who looked scared and shaking. “You can hold onto me if you are scared” said Sakura bravely and sexily.

Jessica didn’t take any time to grab Sakura’s arm to let her guide her “Please let’s hurry and do the tasks so we can get out of here!” she screeted. Sakura’s heart flipped at seeing suddenly such a cute side of the girl who is known as SNSD’s Ice Princess.

They made it into the haunted class room they are sapposed to be in for the episode, suddenly a painting falls off the wall, causing Jessica to once again scream loudly in fear.

But…. .Jessica scream was so loud that a giant crack formed in the floor underneath them causing the two of them to fall into the hole nad into the basem*nt!

When Sakura woke up, she looked around, they were in some sort of haunted scary basem*nt! She turned and Jessica was lying there on the floor, unconscious. “What the hell!” screamed Sakura. They were just filming a normal variety show hwen this happen? She went over to Jessica “jessica jessica are u ok?” But Jessica wasn’t waking up.

Sakura stood up and looked around, they are in a basem*nt type Area. It was all dusty and dirty in there. Then, she heard a ghostly ghoulish noise from a room to the other side fo the basem*nt, she walked over there precarionginly with concern.

She peeked in. There was,...... a zombie! Sakura gasped in horror and started baking away, but then, the zombie said in a ghostly tune “Sakura……”

“How do u kno my Naem?” asked Sakura wisely and shockingly. The zombie smirked as it turned around, and it had… the face of Sakura herself!

“Le’ts just say i know you really well sakura miyawaki” said the zombie “Heheheheh.”

What the hell!?

“Anyways, I am here to tell you the truth…………. You are a member of a group le sserafim whom has been Cursed by the Zombie Queen…. You were sended back in time to break the cusrse! There are 3 things that must be done to break the curse” said the zombie

“I’ll do anything!” said Sakura “What is it!”

“Ok, there are 3 riddles” said she (zombie)” 1. You must dethrone she who is queen.”

“2. You must gather the magic of the ultimate showance of true loveliness.”

The zombie paused “Ok so what is 3” asked Sakura inpotently.

The zombie smirked. “#3 is… You must…. DEFEAT THE ZOMIE ARMY!!!!!’

All a suddenly an million zombies came out of the walls and started running towards Sakura! Sakura gasped and backed away, and that’s when she heard a ear splittingly loud scream and turned and it was Jessica who was awake now!

“Jessica! We hve to get out of there!” said Sakura grabbing Jessic’ass hand and running, they ran to where the door leading out of the basem*nt was, but it wouldn’t open! Then, sakura saw it… a sord!

Honey (I'm Perfect For You) - Chapter 2 - GwenLovesReggie - 소녀시대 | Girls' Generation (3)

She ran over and grapped the sord in her sweaty sloppy hands and weilded it with passion, suddenly, the voices of all her members of le sserafim were chanting her in her head, filling her with magical powers, she took her sord , adn one by one she slayed all the zombies, covering her outfit in the blood of her victims. After every zombie was dead, she said cooly “Well what am i gonna do now, heh, these clothes were sponsored by are sponsors” then she smoked a cigarette cooly and sexily even though she doesnt’ even smoke. Then she grapped Jessica’s traumatized hand and led her out of the place!

When they got back to the main room of everyone, the other members and the host of the variety show turned to look at them. “Holy crap you gays are alive?” the host said in shock.

“Yeah” said Sakura, The other members screeted at the site of her covered in blood.

“Sakura saved us!” said Jessica panting in shock. “She saved the day!” Jessica didnt even have bllod of her clothes.

“Well since you guys fell into the basem*nt you guys can’t really appear on the actual tv show because we don’t have cameras in there so we will just edit you out completely and say you were busy and couldn’t show up to film” said the host lady.

Then they waitied for all the other members to film there parts of the show and then they started to head home. On the way home they stopped at a ice cream place and they got out of the car adn they walked over to the window of the ice cream hut and they ordered flavors of ice cream. And they ate some ice cream.

While Sakura was eating her ice cream suddenly jessica came up to Sakura. “Hey… I just wanted to say… Thank you for helping us out of that mess ….. I wish I did more to help but I was so scared.”

“Oh thats ok, I don’t mind saving the day” said Sakura. Aftert all, she is a member of le sserafim, a group all about being strong badass and FEARLESS!

“You were really cool with the sord” said Jessica smiling. But then Taeyeon called her over to look at something and so she left to go do that.

Then they went home and while Sakura washed the zombie blood off of her in the shower she thought about what the zombie had told her about breaking a curse… it is true? Then she went to bed.

It was a fun day.

Honey (I'm Perfect For You) - Chapter 2 - GwenLovesReggie - 소녀시대 | Girls' Generation (2024)
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