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seconds of the game. the florida panthers beat the edmonton oilers. look at the celebration here. it's the florida panthers first ever nhl title. well kind of sad for canada. they haven't won a stanley cup since 1993. but the panthers w

2:04 am

world's largest rainbow flag. it's part of the kickoff to sf pride weekend, and it illuminates summer of all laser series. illuminate is the nonprofit behind the bay area bridge lights. they've also projected light displays all over the city. now they're lighting up market street with a massive four mile rainbow flag. the summer of all series begins june 28th. it'll include light up displays across the city. the lighting ceremony will include live music, renewal of vows for some couples. mayor london breed and the governor are set to speak at the event. it's so cool. look at that. that's super

2:05 am

fun. that's just a few a few days away and jeff for pride weekend, we've got the parade on sunday. we got some great weather in the city and everywhere in the bay area, right? yeah, it looks pretty good by the time we get to sunday for the pride parade at 1030 in the morning, we'd have some sun, a little bit of fog in the morning, and then for the inland valleys. we're still tracking a thunderstorm. chance tomorrow. after that, numbers drop into the 80s right through this upcoming weekend. so once we get over tomorrow, we do have some nice summer weather coming our way that summer. 100% right there. thank you jeff. thanks for joining us tonight. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. bye bye. tonight, the deadly flood emergency across the midwest and the growing concerns over the imminent failure of a dam. the dam southwest of minneapolis, blocked by debris. water gushing out the sides. officials warning residents to be ready to evacuate.

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more evacuations in iowa. entire neighborhoods under water. the bridge connecting two states collapsing. also, the dangerous heat shifting south. 59 million people under alerts. plus, the new storms and potential derecho threat. also tonight, new video showing three israeli hostages being abducted, including an american gravely wounded. his parents speaking out, why they wanted the video released. just three days until the first 2024 presidential debate. joe biden facing off with donald trump. inside the final preparations for their highly-anticipated clash. our nbc news exclusive. two years after roe v. wade was overturned. five women who sued the state of texas speaking out saying they were denied abortions and suffered traumatic medical harm. the surfing legend and actor killed off hawaii in an apparent shark attack. what we're learning. the fearless teen takes us inside a deadly ef-4 tornado, with winds topping 300

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miles an hour. and the fast track to paris. sha'carri richardson and thousands of other top athletes competing for a spot on team usa. for a spot on ♪ ♪ good evening. welcome. we're watching a flood disaster in the making as we come on the air tonight. it's happening in the northern plains and upper midwest. several towns and cities across parts of iowa, south dakota and minnesota are under flood warnings and are losing the battle against rising rivers after days of drenching rains. broken levees, a collapsed train bridge and a failing dam in minnesota forcing new evacuations this evening. parts of the region received between 8 and 16 inches of rain since last week. right now nearly 30 waterways across the northern plains and upper midwest are expected to be in major flood stage today. the expanding flood emergency occurring as parts of the nation are still locked in a

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suffocating heat wave. shaquille brewster has late details on it all. >> reporter: tonight, a deadly flood emergency in three states. after days of heavy rain, rivers gushing over their banks and submerging entire communities. in minnesota the rapidan dam is facing imminent failure. officials are monitoring the buildup of debris and making plans to keep residents safe. in iowa, evacuations under way in several counties. >> we've lived here for 20 years. never seen anything like this. >> reporter: kim woods says she escaped in the middle of the night, her husband driving through her neighbor's lawn. the water blocking their return home. >> i have so many memories in the basem*nt. pictures of my grandchildren. christmas ornaments. >> reporter: there's still the threat of more flooding. >> we're looking at unprecedented times. >> reporter: with several rivers forecast to hit flood stage in the coming days. >> the city deployed many pumps through the

2:09 am

area. unfortunately we can't keep up with a river that is flowing at that pace with that much water. there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. >> reporter: overnight a train bridge connecting iowa and south dakota collapsing into the big sioux river. >> that's the main bridge that a lot of commodities and different materials move on throughout the state. that will impact us for many months to come. >> reporter: rock valley, iowa, is under water after a levee broke, flooding more than 500 homes and displacing 1,500 people. crews spent the weekend trying to rescue residents. as the midwest grapples with extreme flooding, the dangerous heat is shifting south. several cities hitting triple digits today. in the midwest, they're facing another night of severe weather with the possibility of a derecho, a cluster of fast moving and destructive thunderstorms this evening. >> shaq, you're in sioux city which has seen record-breaking river levels.

2:10 am

>> reporter: that's right, lester. the big sioux river is well over a quarter mile away. you can't tell when looking at this neighborhood road. look at that car nearly fully submerged. the crest here was record setting, exceeding the previous all-time record by more than seven feet. lester? >> shaq, thank you. now to the middle east and the newly released video showing an american and two other hostages after they were abducted by hamas terrorists on october 7th. here's matt bradley. let us warn you, some of the images are disturbing. >> reporter: tonight, newly released video shows three israeli hostages taken by hamas during the october 7th terror attacks. they're pushed into the back of a pick-up truck covered in blood. hamas terrorists pointing weapons at them after kidnapping them during a music festival. you can see 23-year-old american hersh goldberg-polin, his arm severed after a grenade explosion. mus hostage families

2:11 am

released the video. we spoke to hersh's parents tonight. >> you still haven't seen the video? >> no. >> do you expect to see it? >> i don't know. i mean, i -- i feel like i've lived in this parallel universe of anguish for 262 days and i've seen the video of hersh being stolen initially. just dealing with that is hard enough. i kind of thought, i don't know that i have to throw myself completely off a cliff. >> reporter: like many here, the family is angry that months of negotiations haven't freed their son. >> these are real people with dreams, aspirations, with families waiting for them. this is our son. >> reporter: prime minister benjamin netanyahu told the israeli parliament he's committed to a potential cease-fire deal backed by president biden, but will not completely end the war until hamas is eliminated. meanwhile, middle east tensions sparking new violence in the u.s. tonight, president biden condemning this incident in l.a. sunday where the mayor

2:12 am

says pro-palestinian protesters clashed with pro-israeli demonstrators and blocked access to a synagogue. the president writing, intimidating jewish congregants is dangerous, unconscionable, anti-semitic and unamerican. israel's defense minister is back in washington for critical meetings this week, including talks of a potential cease-fire deal to try to free remaining hostages. lester? >> matt bradley, thank you. at home it's the most anticipated event of the presidential campaign, the debate this thursday between president biden and former president trump. gabe gutierrez has new reporting on how both sides are preparing for this critical faceoff. >> reporter: tonight, three days away from the crucial first debate, both campaigns are preparing differently. >> mr. president, how is debate prep going? >> reporter: president biden hunkered down at camp david, huddling with advisers with no public events scheduled this week. >> he's now a convicted felon. >> reporter: biden's

2:13 am

campaign out with a new ad highlighting former president trump's legal problems. a senior biden adviser tells nbc news the president is expected to be punchier against trump and it's a moment where the campaign hopes to break through to a larger audience yet to tune into the election. leading the debate prep is former chief of staff ron klain. a source tells nbc news biden's personal lawyer bob bauer is playing trump during the prep sessions, reprising his role from 2020. >> to be honest it's hard to say some of the things he says, some of which are very fact free. >> reporter: it's a stark contrast from former president trump who is holding informal policy discussions with advisers but no mock debates, while still holding public events. the former president is fund-raising in louisiana after campaigning in pennsylvania over the weekend, mocking his opponent for not leaving camp david. >> he's sleeping now. they want to get him good and strong. >> reporter: trump

2:14 am

teasing he's chosen his runningmate and said the person will likely attend the debate in atlanta. >> have you decided who your vice president is? >> in my mind, yes. >> do they know? >> nobody knows. >> reporter: among the top debate topics, the economy, immigration and reproductive rights. >> what both candidates need to do is talk about what they're going to do for the american people, how they're going to show up as leaders. >> gabe, biden aides are telling you they're preparing for two versions of mr. trump. explain that. >> reporter: yes, lester. people familiar with debate prep say it's taking into account whether trump will be his usual bombastic self or more disciplined. the campaign wants the president to be seen as the adult in the room. lester? >> gabe, thank you. we have breaking news about the department of justice's legal case against julian assange. the man behind wikileaks. let's get to ken dilanian. >> reporter: court

2:15 am

documents filed say assange will plead guilty to a single count of disseminating classified national security information. this stems from wikileaks leaking documents in 2010. he's expected to be sentenced to prison, but credited for time served, so will be allowed to return to his home country of australia. u.s. national security officials say assange who spent the last five years in a british jail did tremendous damage by publishing secrets. his supporters view him as a folk hero who exposed wrongdoing. lester? it was almost two years ago today the supreme court overturned roe v. wade clearing the way for states to impose new restrictions on abortion, including texas where laura jarett spoke with five women who have faced a devastating impact. >> pre dobbs we were already in a pretty bad place in texas. >> reporter: the day lauren miller learned she was pregnant, she started a journal. >> i didn't know it

2:16 am

was twins yet. >> reporter: at 12 weeks she learned one of the twins she was carrying had a rare chromosomal condition making survival highly unlikely. >> you never think your pregnancy journal will turn into a horror novel. >> reporter: because her fetus still had a heartbeat, she couldn't get an abortion under the law in texas, and she's not alone. >> how many were told you could not receive an abortion because the baby still had a heartbeat? all of you. >> reporter: texas, like more than a dozen states, moved swiftly to cut off abortion access after the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v. wade two years ago today in the dobbs decision. the high court saying then it was returning the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives. what's happened in states since dobbs, now a fierce fight heading into november. >> getting it back to the states puts the question where it belongs with the vote of the people. >> reporter: former president trump

2:17 am

taking full credit for getting roe overturned, but most recently saying he believes in exceptions in cases of rape and incest and to save the mother's life. >> you have to go with your heart. you have to also remember you have to get elected. >> reporter: rallies across the country today as the biden campaign tries to draw a direct line from mr. trump to dobbs. >> decades of progress shattered because the last guy got four years in the white house. >> reporter: highlighting women denied abortions, using ads focussed on their stories and making it a central focus of the re-election campaign. the vice president addressing a crowd today. >> in the case of the steal reproductive freedom from the women of america, donald trump is guilty. >> reporter: recent data over the last two years showing more women forced to travel for care since dobbs. women like jessica bernardo, one of the group of women who filed a lawsuit against the state last year with the help of the center for reproductive rights.

2:18 am

alleging they were denied abortions in texas. five of them sat down exclusively with "nightly news." >> i didn't want to wait for having a seizure or heart or renal failure. there's no coming back from that. it was just infuriating. >> we're not here sounding an alarm about hypothetical scenarios. we're sounding an alarm about what is already happening and what has happened to us. >> reporter: not everyone has been able to travel. samantha learned at her 20-week scan her baby would not survive, but could not afford to leave texas for an abortion. >> it was hard and traumatizing. >> reporter: her baby living only four hours after birth. >> knowing that your child is going to die and planning your child's funeral before your child's even born is insane. >> reporter: amanda zurawski had the resources to travel, but says she became too sick too fast to leave texas in time. >> i didn't have that option. my doctors told me, you better not be more than 15 minutes away from a hospital.

2:19 am

i have to use a surrogate because of what happened to me, the damage to my reproductive organs is permanent. >> reporter: the group recently lost their lawsuit to clarify who qualifies for a medical exemption under texas' abortion ban. they now fear what's still to come. >> how many of you are worried that someone is going to die from these laws? >> if they haven't already. >> laura, any day the supreme court is expected to rule on another major abortion case. >> yes, lester, that's right. it's a dispute about whether hospitals that receive federal funding must perform abortions in medical emergencies even in states where abortion is banned right now. a decision in that case is expected by the end of this week or early next. >> laura, thank you. in 60 seconds, he was doing what he loved most. surfing in the waters off hawaii. the shark attack that killed a veteran pro surfer, right after this. cribed entyvio, offering two maintenance options, including the entyvio pen.

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infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. pml, a rare, potentially fatal brain infection cannot be ruled out. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, or are prone to infections. liver problems can occur. entyvio. relief. remission. for real. ♪ entyvio, entyvio, entyvio ♪ we thought we climbed every mountain, and then... ll cool j. turkey club. thank you, thank you. i know. keep it together. progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. -wow, you're tall. -ugh. i love that my daughter still needs me. but sometimes i can't help due to burning and stabbing pain in my hands, so i use nervive. nervive's clinical dose of ala reduces nerve discomfort in as little as seven days. now i can help again feel the difference with nervive. a facebook group created to find casey says she was i tragedy in hawaii. a legendary surfer and actor who appeared in hollywood hits, dying

2:21 am

after an apparent shark attack. stephanie gosk with what happened and how he's being remembered. >> reporter: born and raised in hawaii, tamayo perry surfed off the coast of hawaii thousands of time. >> he was a professional at the highest level in surfing. >> reporter: on sunday afternoon the 49-year-old was attacked by a shark while surfing near goat island. according to officials he was bitten multiple times. >> honolulu ocean safety responded via jet ski and brought the surfer here to shore. >> reporter: there was nothing they could do officials say. the injuries were too severe. jason, a close friend, says perry was salt of the earth and a man of faith. >> he was a genuinely good person. there's no other way to put it. he was a good person and cares about people. he really embodies aloha. >> reporter: perry was a world class surfer who had the occasional movie role in "pirates of the caribbean" and "blue crush." he worked as a life guard at hawaii's

2:22 am

bonsai pipeline, one of the most demanding and dangerous life guarding jobs in the world. >> what does it say about your skill if you're a life guard on that beach? >> just simply put there's no higher mountain to climb than being a life guard at pipeline. >> reporter: shark attacks are rare in hawaii. averaging only eight a year. there's been only five fatalities in the last decade. >> if it could happen to perry, it could happen to anyone. he was the most competent water man i know. he was doing what he loved and he was surfing at a spot he grew up and cherished since childhood. >> reporter: very few people understand as well as he did how dangerous the ocean can be. stephanie gosk, nbc news. coming up, inside the storm, the real-life tornado chasers who got close enough to a 300-mile-an-hour twister to get their equipment inside. what their research is revealing next. what their research is revealing next. breztri gave me better breathing, symptom improvement, and reduced flare-ups.

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we're back. with the violent weather tearing across the country, we're getting a look inside an ef-4 tornado. with winds of more than 300 miles an hour. as maggie vespa reports, it's all thanks to a brave team of scientists. >> reporter: tonight as america's onslaught of severe weather rages on, a fearless team of storm chasing scientists shedding new light on the power of last month's ef-4 twister that levelled parts of greenfield,

2:27 am

iowa. >> wind speeds in this tornado topped 300 miles an hour? >> yes. with our radar we calculated wind speeds of over 300 miles an hour, which is very fast and very strong wind speeds. >> reporter: 300 miles an hour. only the third tornado ever recorded with winds that strong. it moved, they say, up to 55 miles an hour, twice a twister's typical speed. >> it's very rare, 1%, 2% of tornados. >> reporter: the jaw-dropping data, courtesy of nine scientists from the university of illinois who raced to place their state of the art dopler on wheels trucks and censor equipped pods in the tornado's path, a feat typically reserved for hollywood. this devastation was all too real. >> i've never seen a tornado like that. >> reporter: on the ground for more than a mile, officials said the tornado destroyed more than 150 homes and left four people dead. the scientists' mission, to better understand how twisters move and form and develop warnings with detail on strength and timing, like those for

2:28 am

hurricanes. >> there might be more tailored ways to safety, either take shelter because you only have a minute, or it's not so strong, or you should really take the five or ten minutes and get to a really rugged community shelter. we just don't know that well enough now. >> reporter: a potentially life-saving bull's eye on a fast-moving target. maggie vespa, nbc news. coming up, the fast track to paris. we tried to catch up with some of the fastest names at the track and field trials, next. rack to paris. we tried to catch up with some of the fastest names on the track at the field trials, next. shingles doesn't care. but shingrix protects. only shingrix is proven over 90% effective. shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after getting shingrix. fainting can also happen. the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingrix today.

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finally, the 2024 paris olympics are just about a month away. this weekend in oregon some of the world's fastest athletes earned their spots on team usa. here's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, the two biggest names in usa track and field headed to the olympics and running for redemption. >> sha'carri richardson goes past richardson. sha'carri richardson! >> reporter: sha'carri richardson winning the 100 meter. >> do you speak any french? >> i don't. i wish i knew how to say i'm going to paris. >> reporter: richardson qualified for tokyo, but couldn't compete after testing positive for thc. now set to make her olympic debut, running up the stands to hug the grandmother that raised her. >> through all the times in my life my family has always been there for every moment, up, down, good, bad, better,

2:33 am

worse. i was appreciative of having that moment. >> the world champ is going to the olympics. >> reporter: noah lyles winning the men's 100 meters, fueled by his bronze finish in tokyo. >> i wasn't happy with bronze. i've never been happy with that medal. i always want more. bronze is a kick in the pants to get me to keep going. >> reporter: more than 1,000 athletes competing in eight days of competition at these trials. fan favorites like hurdler sidney mclaughlin-levrone and tokyo gold medallist athing mu, still fighting for a spot on team usa. this may be the usa trials, but some of the fastest athletes in the world are here in eugene, oregon. one of the reasons why these trials are so difficult, regardless of your record or ranking, you have to finish in the top three here to make it to paris. cracking the top three would be a dream for quincy wilson. >> what do you think when you hear the entire stadium going nuts for you? >> it's amazing. >> reporter: he's just

2:34 am

16 years old, but fast enough to make it into tonight's 400 meter final. >> are you scared? you're running against your heros here. >> no, sir. i mean, there's really no pressure. we all put our shoes on the same way. i mean, no matter what their age, no matter what they do, it's all a fair race. >> reporter: that olympic spirit alive and strong in team usa. tom llamas, nbc news, eugene, oregon. >> all the action of the u.s. olympic team trials continues tonight starting at 8:00 on nbc and peaco*ck. that's "nightly news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night. news" for this mon. i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night.

2:35 am

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>> kelly: give it up for my band, y'all. i love that song. i grew up on that songbird it was john michael montgomery's 1995 grundy county auction. i remember when i was a kid trying to remember eyes that so badly. now its innate inyo. i let that song so much for it top the billboard hot country after 30 years of music into many great collaborations, he's in the middle of his farewell tour this summer, so go check that out right let's bring out our first guest, and me, golden globe, and oscar winner. we know his work from all the great movies. blockbusters like the party guard, field of dreams, dances with wolves, yellowstone, he is back to the american west and

2:38 am

his new movie, it is so incredible. this is one he has been passionate about and working on for decades. he produced, directed, cowrote it, even put his own money on the line. >> it made great it's amazing, it's called horizon american saga chapter one is in theaters june 28th and chapter two follows on august 16. >> do you want to excuse us? >> he's writing you a letter? >> s. he asked if i could. >> can you? >> i do alright. >> he's not the curricular. is just ending in. >> i'm sure he'll take your money. [cheers and applause] trey. >> kelly: please welcome kevin costner, yelled.

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