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"Evening Observer" redirects here. For the Australian newspaper (1887?–1907), see Evening Observer (Brisbane).

TypeDaily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Ogden Newspapers Inc.
PublisherJohn D'Agostino
EditorGregory Bacon
Language English
Headquarters10 E. Second Street
Dunkirk, NY 14048
Observer (Dunkirk) - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader (1) United States
Circulation 7,383 Daily(as of 2017) [1]

The Observer is a newspaper for the residents of Northern Chautauqua County, NY and northwestern Cattaraugus County, NY, with offices located in Dunkirk, NY. Formerly known as the Evening Observer, and before then, the Dunkirk Evening Observer, it was originally delivered in the afternoon six days a week (Monday through Saturday), although it has since switched to morning delivery seven days a week.


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The Observer was first published December 4, 1882 by founder Dr. Julien T. Williams. [2] John D'Agostino, former news and managing editor, is the current Publisher.

The newspaper describes itself as a hometown paper, but it is owned by Ogden Newspapers Inc. of Wheeling, West Virginia; the paper is operated in a cluster along with The Post-Journal of Jamestown, New York and the Times-Observer of Warren, Pennsylvania. [3]

From March 13, 2014 to October 31, 2016, the entirety of the newspaper's Web site was placed behind a paywall. The site had been behind a paywall for most of the early 2000s but that paywall was also eventually removed.

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Dunkirk is a city in Chautauqua County, New York, United States. It was settled around 1805 and incorporated in 1880. The population was 12,743 as of the 2020 census. Dunkirk is bordered on the north by Lake Erie. It shares a border with the village of Fredonia to the south, and with the town of Dunkirk to the east and west. Dunkirk is the westernmost city in the state of New York.

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The Baltimore Sun is the largest general-circulation daily newspaper based in the U.S. state of Maryland and provides coverage of local, regional, national, and international news.

The Syracuse Herald-Journal (1925–2001) was an evening newspaper in Syracuse, New York, United States, with roots going back to 1839 when it was named the Western State Journal. The final issue — volume 124, number 37,500 — was published on September 29, 2001. The newspaper's name came from the merger of the Syracuse Herald and the Syracuse Journal.

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The Buffalo News is the daily newspaper of the Buffalo–Niagara Falls metropolitan area, located in downtown Buffalo, New York.

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Horatio G. Brooks worked as chief engineer for the New York and Erie Railroad (NY&E) until the railroad moved its steam locomotive maintenance facilities from Dunkirk, New York, to Buffalo. In 1869 he leased the former NY&E shops in Dunkirk and formed Brooks Locomotive Works. Brooks also served for three terms as mayor of Dunkirk. He was a leading figure in the business and social life of the area around Dunkirk, and western New York state.

The Herald is a daily morning newspaper published in Rock Hill, South Carolina, in the United States. Its coverage is York, Chester, and Lancaster counties. In 1990, the paper was bought by The McClatchy Company of Sacramento, California. After McClatchy claimed bankruptcy in 2020, the paper was bought by Chatham Asset Management.

The Vindicator is a daily newspaper serving Youngstown, Ohio, United States and the Mahoning County region as well as southern Trumbull County and northern Columbiana County. The Vindicator was established in 1869. As of September 1, 2019, The Vindicator is owned by Ogden Newspapers Inc. of Wheeling, West Virginia. The Tribune Chronicle and The Vindicator are published by Charles Jarvis, with Brenda Linert as editor. The new owners of The Vindicator announced a welcome to the new version of the Vindicator.

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The Observer–Reporter is a daily newspaper covering Washington County, Greene County, and the Mon Valley in Pennsylvania, with some overlap into the South Hills of Pittsburgh in. The newspaper was published by the Observer Publishing Company in the city of Washington, Pennsylvania.

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The Bradenton Herald is a newspaper based in Bradenton, Florida, in the United States.

The Post-Journal is a daily newspaper, serving the area around Jamestown, New York. The current editor of the paper is John Whittaker. It is owned by Ogden Newspapers Inc. and is billed as "southwestern New York's leading newspaper" with a circulation of over 10,000 newspapers. The morning newspaper is published six days a week, with the Saturday edition branded as the Weekender; a Sunday edition was launched in the early 1990s but was discontinued in 2019.

The Press-Republican is a daily newspaper published five days a week, Tuesday through Friday with a Saturday weekend edition in Plattsburgh, New York, United States. It is owned by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of the Retirement Systems of Alabama.

The Lawrence Journal-World is a daily newspaper published in Lawrence, Kansas, United States, by Ogden Newspapers.

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The original Fred Koch Brewery was a small, independent brewery in Dunkirk, New York that produced beer and ale from late 1888 until 1985. Production peaked in the early 1950s with over 100,000 barrels brewed annually. When the Dunkirk, New York brewery was closed in 1985, it was located at 15-25 West Courtney Street.

Calkins Media, Inc. was a media company established in 1937. It included daily newspapers and digital sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a weekly newspaper in South Dade, and broadcast stations located in Huntsville, Tallahassee and Sarasota. Corporate and digital headquarters were located in Bucks County.

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A paywall is a method of restricting access to content, with a purchase or a paid subscription, especially news. Beginning in the mid-2010s, newspapers started implementing paywalls on their websites as a way to increase revenue after years of decline in paid print readership and advertising revenue, partly due to the use of ad blockers. In academics, research papers are often subject to a paywall and are available via academic libraries that subscribe.

The Frederick News-Post is the local newspaper of Frederick County, Maryland. In addition to discussing local news, the newspaper addresses international, national, and regional news. The paper publishes six days a week.

The Olean Times Herald is a daily newspaper serving the western Twin Tiers region, based in Olean, New York. The afternoon newspaper, one of the few remaining afternoon papers in the nation, is published by Bradford Publishing and is published six days each week - Monday thru Friday, with a special “Weekend Edition” delivered on Saturday mornings. It does not publish on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. It is the flagship of Bradford Publishing's newspaper stable, which includes The Bradford Era, the Salamanca Press, the Ellicottville Times, and the Fredonia, Gowanda/Silver Creek and Salamanca Pennysavers.

Lebanon Daily News is a local daily newspaper based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The main office is located on 718 Poplar Street. It publishes as an afternoon paper Monday through Friday and as a morning paper on Saturday and Sunday.

Ogden Newspapers Inc. is a Wheeling, West Virginia based publisher of daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, and shoppers guides.


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