[0.97a] Interstellar Imperium 2.6.4 (2024)

Version 2.5.2 (January 8, 2022):
- Sebastos armor increased to 950 from 900
- Ixon flux dissipation decreased to 325 from 350, speed decreased to 65 from 70
- Lux Repeater damage increased to 45 from 40
- Telum Autocannon damage increased to 230 from 225
- Solis Cannon damage increased to 325 from 300
- ER Particle Cannon damage increased to 130 from 120
- Pulsar Cannon flux cost reduced to 22 from 30
- Pulsar Repeater flux cost reduced to 22 from 30, now a PD_ALSO weapon that fires upon missiles if no other target is in range
- Heavy Pulsar Cannon flux cost reduced to 60 from 70
- Moved Corsica (applies to new saves)

Version 2.5.1 (January 5, 2022):
- Updated for Starsector 0.95.1a RC6
- Fixed package hullmod display issue for Olympus and Libritor
- Made Libritor more cautious of friendly fire with its main weapon
- Magna Fulmen shots fade more quickly after they reach max range
- Magna Fulmen base range reduced to 1000 from 1200
- Libritor now has Reinforced Emplacements built in
- Ixon flux dissipation increased to 350 from 300, speed increased to 70 from 60
- Arcus Autocannon damage increased to 110 from 100, flux per shot increased to 80 from 75
- Moved Corsica and Thracia (applies to new saves)

Version 2.5.0 (December 14, 2021):
- Updated for Starsector 0.95.1a
- Moved Ex Vis and Corsica closer to the core worlds
- Fixed the calculation/obscurement of some area-of-effect damage/knockback, especially the Libritor's weapon
- Armor version of Arbalest Loader costs 33% more flux
- Updated Nexerelin integration
- Added fighter weapon descriptions
- Carrum cargo reduced to 150 from 160
- Carrum fuel per light year increased to 1.5 from 1
- Barrus fuel per light year reduced to 6 from 10
- Carnifex engagement range reduced to 6000 from 8000
- Standard Pulsar projectiles no longer pass through missiles
* Pulsar Bombs and Heavy Pulsars still do
- Pulsar Cannon OP reduced to 5 from 6
- Pulsar Repeater OP reduced to 9 from 10
- Lux Repeater OP reduced to 8 from 9
- Fundae SRM Pod OP reduced to 7 from 8
- Fundae MLRS OP reduced to 12 from 14
- Custos Defender flux per second reduced to 85 from 100
- Heavy Pulse Laser flux per shot reduced to 220 from 240
- Adjusted faction relationships
- Integrated various new campaign features into existing content
- Draconarius AI behavior tweaked
- Vicarius AI behavior tweaked
- Imperium Packages cannot be built-in
- Maximus hull increased to 2000 from 1500, armor increased to 400 from 350, supplies increased to 9 from 8
- Lynx hull increased to 4500 from 4000, armor increased to 650 from 600
- Adamas hull increased to 9000 from 8000, armor increased to 1250 from 1100
- Adamas speed increased to 80 from 65
- Lux Finis now auto-stabilizes phase coils (no speed penalty) while active
- The Adamas' photon blasters now count as large weapons
- Basileus flux dissipation increased to 150 from 125
- Dictator hull increased to 11500 from 10000
- Matriarch armor increased to 1350 from 1250
- Ballista launchers regenerate ammunition about 25% more slowly
- Reduced Ballista damage to 325 from 350 (high explosive)
- Siege Mortar range increased to 800 from 700
- Arcus Autocannon range increased to 700 from 600

Version 2.4.0 (March 10, 2021):
- Added Imperium Orbital Station, Battlestation, and Star Fortress
* Player can access by having at least Welcoming reputation with the Interstellar Imperium
* Imperial Embassy has an Orbital Station
* Aleria has a Battlestation
* Nova Capitalis has a Star Fortress
- Added Imperium Stella Castellum
* Tier 4 station, unobtainable by the player
* Only found at Byzantium
* Always defended by a fleet
- Adjusted Armageddon variant missile flight time and AI behavior to work better on the Imperium Star Fortress (and in general)
- Added exotic luxury good Byzantine Wine
- Olympus can be used to obliterate planets
- Reduced bombardment bonus for the Olympus to 3000 from 5000
- Mucked about with Javelin weapon tags and "range" to make the AI much more competent at using them
- Shock Buster targeting fixes relating to stations
- Generally improved weapon tags for autofitting
- Added a dozen janky AI-generated portraits for the sake of variety
- Magna Fulmen flux cost reduced to 1150 from 1250
- Slightly updated Matriarch sprite

Version 2.3.0 (January 4, 2021):
- Added Sectator Support Fighter
* 3 OP for 1 fighter
* 1x Sledge Gun (hardpoint), 1x Custos Defender (omni turret)
* Advanced Optics and Reinforced Emplacements built-in
* A tanky support fighter that helps you out--on a budget
- Added Carnifex Strike Bomber
* 22 OP for 2 bombers that do a total of 4400 HE damage per wave
* 2x Amentum (buffed but shorter-range Javelin ASMs)
* Impulse Booster system
* 8000 engagement range
* Really fast, can juke PD, hits hard, but fragile (defense stats are identical to the Inferna, which gives you 5 bombers for 12 OP...)
- Minor fix for knockback logic
- Various small tweaks to weapon tags and AI hints
- Changed fighter pricing
- The Vicarius is no longer a rare fighter blueprint, but the Scutum (and Carnifex) are now rare blueprints
- More Impulse Booster and Command Center AI tweaks

Version 2.2.3 (December 25, 2020):
- Imperial Guard fleets are marginally scarier
- Scutums now have built-in hullmod Attraction Matrix, which makes the fighter passively behave like a flare
* Only attracts missiles (not PD), has strength in between a standard and a seeker flare, and double the range
* Generally, without ECCM and counting the full wing of 4, that's a 59% chance to pull a given missile in a 600 unit radius
- Scutum shield capacity decreased to 800 from 1000
- Updated missile AIs to permit Scutum's Attraction Array
- Scutum replace time increased to 12 from 10 seconds
- Flamen replace time increased to 6 from 5 seconds
- Princeps armor increased to 500 from 450
- Fixed version file HTTPS redirect
- Imperial package modspecs are more common
- Tweaked Command Center, Overdrive, Celerity Drive, Lux Finis, and Shock Buster AI
- Finally added a custom AI for Turbofeeder
- Certain loop sounds no longer play while paused
- Onager MIRV flight time increased to 24 from 20 seconds
- Onager MIRV hit points increased to 1200 from 1000
- Onager MIRV shoots 36 Fundaes instead of 24
- Fundae SRM Pod ammo increased to 80 from 64
- Fundae MLRS ammo increased to 210 from 168
- Enhanced (no package) Armageddon missile hit points increased to 100 from 75
- Enhanced (Elite) Armageddon missile hit points decreased to 100 from 125
- Enhanced (Elite) Armageddon missile flight time decreased to 9 from 12
- Vicarius top speed and acceleration increased to 200 from 175
- Matriarch shield efficiency improved to 0.8 from 0.9
- Matriarch top speed increased to 30 from 25
- Praetorian shield efficiency improved to 0.9 from 1.0
- Dictator top speed increased to 45 from 40
- Dictator armor increased to 1250 from 1200
- Decurion armor increased to 300 from 250
- Decurion top speed increased to 135 from 130
- Invictus shield efficiency improved to 0.9 from 1.0
- Ardea flux capacity increased to 9000 from 8000
- Libritor deployment points reduced to 11 from 12
- Photon Beam Cannon (Sebastos) damage increased to 2300/s (~1000 total) from 2200/s (~950 total)
- Photon Beam Cannon flux cost decreased to 1250/s (1500 total) from 1350/s (1620 total)
- Photon Beam Cannon range increased to 1100 from 1000
- Maximus top speed increased to 160 from 150
- Maximus maneuverability improved slightly
- Maximus flux dissipation increased to 300 from 250
- Maximus phase activation/upkeep costs decreased to 150 from 180
- Maximus deployment points reduced to 8 from 9
- Celerity Drive (Maximus) now blocks phasing for the full duration of the system
* This is actually a buff, from the AI's perspective...
- Patella Breaker (Maximus) can now pierce shields if the target has a decent level of hard flux
- Solis Cannon reaches its maximum recoil inaccuracy slightly faster
- Shock Buster (Targeting) flux cost decreased to 17.5% of base flux capacity from 25%
- Shock Buster now twists (forcibly turns) the targets in addition to pushing them, at varying ratios depending on the target's size (more twisting for a larger target)
* If the ship is phased, the target is twisted far more (and pushed a lot less)
- Shock Buster's missile-whacking area is higher for the Lynx (but still not as wide as the Caesar's)
- Lynx top speed increased to 80 from 75
- Lynx rotational maneuverability significantly improved
- Lynx phase activation cost decreased to 160 from 240
- Lynx phase upkeep cost decreased to 200 from 240
- Lynx armor increased to 600 from 550
- Lynx flux dissipation increased to 400 from 350
- Dominus hull increased to 12000 from 11000
- Made Doomsday mission easier
- Added mission: Lost to the Inferno, featuring the Lynx, Libritor, and Maximus against a larger (but front-shielded) Pather fleet
- Battles in Vortex Infernalis are a little more visually interesting now
- Tweaked market conditions

Version 2.2.2 (September 28, 2020):
- Slight rebalance to Doomsday mission
- Made IBBs scarier
- Princeps no longer auto-escorts
- Imperium launches 30% fewer invasions in Nexerelin
- Targeting Magna Fulmen (enhanced) damage increased to 1400 from 1250
- Armor Magna Fulmen (enhanced)'s middle shot is now the same as the Armor Magna Fulmen (standard) shot (1000 energy damage, 1000 frag damage to secondary targets)
- Armor Magna Fulmen (enhanced)'s additional shots reduced to 250 energy and 500 frag to secondaries (250 to the primary target) from 300/600
- Some configuration for compatibility with various other mods
- Migrated version file to custom host (sigh)

Version 2.2.1 (July 11, 2020):
- Targeting Libritor is less likely to use its system against retreating enemy ships
- Armor Magna Fulmen changes spread based on the target it's shooting at (size and distance)
- Targeting Magna Fulmen damage decreased to 1250 from 1500 (which is still higher than the base 1000)
- Some configuration for Vayra's Sector, Starship Legends, and New Beginnings

Version 2.2.0 (July 8, 2020):
- Added Libritor-class Siege Destroyer
* Single flight deck
* Four small weapons (universal) that point forwards; no rear defenses
* Mediocre hull/armor, strong frontal shield
* Powerful spinal weapon: Magna Fulmen
- Long range, fast projectile, heavy energy damage, fairly efficient
- Armor package adds frag AOE damage
- Targeting package adds knockback
- Elite package adds EMP arcs
- Libritor's ship system (Arbalest Loader) instantly reloads Magna Fulmen; 3 charges
* Armor package has 2 charges but changes the next round to a shotgun-spread of 5 shots
* Targeting package has 2 charges but changes the next round to a big, slow projectile that detonates on impact for heavy AOE knockback (no damage)
* Elite package does not fully reload the Magna Fulmen (reduces cooldown by 2 seconds), but boosts the power of the next shot
- Can stack up to 4 times for an extremely powerful shot
- Olympus blueprint won't appear at Prism Freeport (Nexerelin)
- Olympus costs three times as much to steal (Nexerelin)
- Added unique names for Imperium special forces fleets (Nexerelin)
- Vicarius speed reduced to 175 from 200; acceleration reduced too
- Javelin flight time increased to 16 from 15 seconds
- The AI is more likely to use Armor Package Shock Buster
- New Sledge Gun and Sledge Cannon sprites
- Migrated version file to BitBucket

Version 2.1.2 (December 23, 2019):
- Minor optimization to Command Center system
- Nexerelin alignment support
- Commissioned Crews support
- Proper portraits for the AI gods
- New HELMUT portrait
- Titan detonation no longer has a knockback effect
- II faction starts in Nexerelin now grant the Armor and Targeting packages

Version 2.1.1 (September 8, 2019):
- Added Space Battleship Yamato start
- Lightspear balance adjustment:
* Lightspear (Elite) EMP damage is increased by a factor of 4, but no longer inflicts actual damage
* Lightspear damage and flux cost is reduced by approximately 20%
- Titan balance adjustment:
* Slight flux boost and overload duration boost (for cruisers and capital ships) to EMP Titan
* Titan now requires more CR to launch if the Olympus has D-mods (always costs 300 supplies)
* When a Titan appears, the enemy AI will always attempt to order an Eliminate against it
* Enemy ships not ordered to Eliminate an explode-type Titan (standard or EMP) will try to avoid it
- Wave Motion Cannon now does 3x damage to fighters and hulks and 100x damage to asteroids, and won't detonate on hulks
- Decreased rarity of Ship and Weapon packages
- Fundae balance adjustment:
* Fundae MIRVs now prioritize closer targets more (big impact for Fundae MIRV Titan)
* Reduced Fundae AOE fragmentation damage to 140 from 160
- Reduced Sagittarius Autogun DPS to 720 from 800, reduced hit glow effect
- Imperial Package balance adjustment:
* Elite no longer scales CR penalty by hull size; back to a flat 50%
* Elite penalizes range by 20%
* Elite's reversing speed penalty is increased to 20/15/10/10 from 15/12.5/10/10
* Armor now adds 50% EMP resistance
* Targeting now penalizes speed by 20/15/10/5
* Targeting now increases zero flux boost by 30/25/20/15
* Targeting is no longer compatible with Unstable Injector
- Massively improved the readability of Imperial Package tool-tips
- Adjusted Lynx Shock Buster AI to work better with phase ship tactics
- Tweaked CR/deploy for multiple ships to adjust the cost of full recovery
* Most changed are the Legionary and Dominus, which now cost considerably more to recover from low CR
- Increased Legionary DP to 15 from 14
- Massively buffed Elite Ixon's Magnum Salvo missiles:
* Doubled EMP damage
* Arcs have a chance to pierce through shields
* Slightly faster and longer-lived, considerably harder to shoot down
- Increased Armageddon AI range to 1750 from 1500, but fixed a Magnum Salvo AI bug that caused it to fire at a range of 2000
* Slightly increased lifespan of base missile to compensate
- Overdrive and Lux Finis balance adjustment:
* Increased gauge recovery time to 28 seconds from 24 seconds
* Targeting Package decreases the gauge drain rate by 25%
* Fixed issue where CR was not draining quickly enough at redline with the Elite Package (now closer to the default CR drain when redlined)

Version 2.1.0 (July 12, 2019):
- Revamped and vastly improved the Yamato IBB
- Added a new bounty featuring HELMUT
- Interstellar Bazaar support for Nexerelin
- Interstellar Bazaar no longer sells blueprints you already know
- Custos Defender range increased to 300 from 250
- Reduced Shock Buster minimum effectiveness versus smaller targets (except the Armor variant)
- Reduced Elite Shock Buster range, knockback, and EMP
- Titan is no longer functional when the Olympus is below 30% CR
- Combat can no longer end while a Titan blast is active

Version 2.0.1 (June 28, 2019):
- Missions updated:
* Calydonian Hunt is now rated HARD instead of IMPOSSIBLE
* Daring Rescue is now rated IMPOSSIBLE instead of HARD
* Doomsday now features an enemy station
- Interstellar Bazaar now sells even more Imperium weapons
- Visual tweak to Javelin trail
- Olympus CR now goes down by the usual 30% if you bombard a market
- Fixed Shock Buster targeting bugs and generally improved the targeting logic (shouldn't misfire)
- Dampened Mount (Diable Avionics) is now incompatible with Reinforced Emplacements, Imperial Armor Package, and Imperial Targeting Package
- Efficiency Overhaul is now incompatible with the Olympus
- Fixed random crash with Titan explosions
- Dominus peak performance time reduced to 660 seconds from 720 seconds
- Reduced Titan to 7000 hull and 700 armor from 8000 hull and 800 armor
- Adjusted Olympus purchasing:
* No longer sold at Open Markets or the Starship Bazaar
* Rarely (25% as often) sold at Black Markets, and even then it has extra D-mods
* Less often (50% as often) sold at Military markets
* Other ships are affected to some degree, too
- Increased Sagittarius Autogun flux/second to 250 from 200
- Reduced Targeting Package range bonus to 100/150/200/250 from 100/200/300/400 for PD weapons
- Changed Elite Package CR penalty to 40%/50%/55%/60% from a flat 50%
- Fundae MLRS is no longer considered a rare weapon (now part of the weapon package)
- Targeting Package + Command Center changes:
* Speed Mode's speed bonus is reduced to 25% from 33%
* Speed Mode's maneuverability bonus is increased to 50% from 33%
* Targeting Package + Speed Mode now also increases fighter projectile speed by 50%
- Elite-package Titan (EMP) overload duration malus now scales from 200% to 50% (at the epicenter) depending on hull size
* Stations and station modules never get the overload duration malus
- Titan now attributes damage to the Olympus that fired it
- Increased Apocalypse missile HP to 100 from 75
- Updated Titan (Fundae MIRV) description to more accurately display damage
- Starship Bazaar sometimes sells piecemeal Imperium blueprints (non-rare)

Version 2.0.0 (June 18, 2019)
- Updated for Starsector 0.9.1a
- Added Carrum-class Light Freighter
* Analogous to the Basileus-F, but beefier and better-armed
- Added Ixon-class Light Cruiser
* Took the Malleus' missiles, but is in reality a sawn-off Falcon refit
* Highly flexible slots and improved durability, but lacks maneuverability and has weak flux stats
* More expensive (20 DP vs 15 DP)
- Added Ardea-class Battlecarrier
* A combat-oriented Heron refit, with one fewer deck but several extra guns to compensate
* Generally improved stats across the board, except speed/maneuverability
* More expensive (22 DP vs 20 DP)
- Removed ships:
* Auriga
* Malleus
* Jupiter
* Basileus-F
* Sebastos-F
* Lynx-S
* Wolf (I)
* Eagle (I)
* Falcon (I)
* Hammerhead (I)
* Imperial Guard skins
* (D) skins
* (P) skins
- Added Custos Defender
* Very short-range small energy PD beam weapon
* Basically an energy beam counterpart of the Vulcan
* High flux cost and high fragmentation DPS, extremely fast traversal
* Shreds low-HP missiles and fragile fighters (like Talons and Wasps) that stray too close
* Fairly expensive (6 OP) alternative to just slapping Vulcan or Burst PD on everything, goes great on the back slot of many II ships
- Added Particle Gun
* Short-range small energy PD weapon
* Basically a crappier Vulcan in an energy slot
* Low flux cost and moderate fragmentation DPS, fast projectiles and medium accuracy
* Better than similarly-priced weapons at killing missiles, but worse at other roles
* Very cheap (2 OP) alternative to just slapping Vulcan on everything; cheap alternative to PD/LRPD Laser on ships that want projectile weapons
- Added ER Particle Cannon
* Long-range small energy weapon
* Energy counterpart of the Sledge Gun
* Fairly high flux cost and good fragmentation DPS, good at keeping pressure up while having more bite than a Tactical Laser
* Expensive (8 OP) alternative to Sledge Gun or Tactical Laser spam
- Added Arcus Autocannon
* Medium-range small ballistic weapon
* Low-flux alternative to the light autocannon series of weapons
* Flux-efficient and fairly accurate, but low DPS for the OP cost
* Great as a non-PD slot filler, or as a means of safely adding shield pressure to an existing loadout
- Added Siege Mortar
* Medium-long-range small ballistic weapon
* Top-tier armor penetration for a small weapon
* Flux-efficient, but low DPS for the OP cost
* Slow projectile with terrible accuracy
* Great as a non-PD slot filler, or as an armor-cracker when mounted on smaller ships
- Removed Hailfire Chaingun
- Significant rework for every ship
* Increased Ordnance Points across the board
* Reduced base stats to compensate
* Updated Dominus layout, new built-in Triplex Beam Cannon
* Updated Decurion layout
* Updated Interrex layout
* Updated Maximus layout, new built-in Patella Breaker, now a phase ship
* Updated Lynx layout, now a phase ship
* Updated Adamas layout, now a phase ship
* New Matriarch layout
* New Basileus layout
* New Princeps layout
* New Olympus layout
* New Barrus layout
- Significant rework for many weapons
* Weapon stat changes across the board
* Sagittarius Autogun now doubles as PD
* Large-slot Fundae weapon is now the Onager MIRV Launcher
- Anti-carrier weapon that doubles as a torpedo and a Fundae deployment device
- Replaced the trio of Imperium hullmods:
* Imperial Armor Package (5/10/18/30 OP)
* Imperial Targeting Package (5/10/18/30 OP)
* Imperial Elite Package (10/20/35/60 OP)
- AI is more aggressive - up to Reckless (if no player-owned officer assigned)
* Can only choose one of the three
* Provides profound bonuses with meaningful downsides that greatly affect how the ship performs/behaves
* Each one also provides a unique improvement to the ship system
* Carrum/Basileus: also changes cargo/fuel/crew
* Adamas: also buffs Lightspear
* Olympus: also changes Titan configuration
* Slightly changes the ship's appearance
- Added Imperial Flares system
* Used by the Carrum, Princeps, and Olympus
* Shoots 2x6 flares
* Armor: 3x6 longer-lasting, more effective flares
* Targeting: 1x6 seeker flares
* Elite: 1x6 homing energy/EMP missiles
- Added Micro-Forge system
* Used by the Basileus
* Replenishes all missile ammo, but takes a long time to charge up and generates a lot of flux
* Isn't affected by bonuses to missile ammo (such as EMR)
* Armor: damper field effect, lower flux cost
* Targeting: 2 charges
* Elite: activates quickly and resets flux instead of generating flux
- Added Turbofeeder system (replaces "Accelerated Ammo Feeder")
* Used by the Invictus, Praetorian, and Dictator
* Boosts non-beam rate of fire by 50%, reduces non-beam flux use by 50%
* Efficient due to overall 25% drop in flux use
* Armor: instantly repairs weapons and adds 75% weapon damage reduction
* Targeting: double projectile speed
* Elite: boosts speed/maneuverability while active
- Updated Impulse Booster system (previously "Drive Booster")
* Used by the Decurion, Interrex, Sebastos, and Barrus
* Major visual improvements, numerous refinements to behavior
* Properly scales stats (charges, regen, etc) by ship size
* Revamped smarter AI
* Armor: instantly repairs engines and adds 75% engine damage reduction
* Targeting: accelerates time but generates flux
* Elite: double charges and faster regen
- Added Overdrive system (replaces "Infernium Turbo")
* Used by the Legionary and Dominus
* Toggled system with its own gauge - overload if it runs out
* Improves ROF, flux stats, speed, maneuverability, accuracy, recoil
* Redlines when gauge gets low, increasing effects
* Reduces PPT while active
* Armor: reduces PPT/CR penalties, increases recovery speed, removes redlining and overload mechanics
* Targeting: doesn't improve speed/maneuverability, but increases ROF even further and boosts other weapon stats
* Elite: enhances redlining mechanics
- Added Magnum Salvo system
* Used by the Ixon
* Replenishes 1 salvo of Armageddon ammo, resets Armageddon cooldown, generates flux
* Enhances the next salvo of Armageddon missiles with better speed/tracking/HP
* Armor: enhanced missiles MIRV into Fundaes
* Targeting: enhanced missiles are Squall-style kinetic missiles
* Elite: enhanced missiles are energy/EMP arcing Salamander-style missiles
- Updated Command Center system (previously "Wing Command Center")
* Used by the Ardea and Matriarch
* Updated (generally nerfed) stats, updated AI
* Armor: "Refit" mode also reduces fighter damage taken
* Targeting: "Speed" mode also increases fighter range
* Elite: "Attack" mode also increases fighter ROF and decreases fighter flux use
- Updated Shock Buster system (previously "Galvanic Armor")
* Used by the Lynx and Caesar
* Stats tweaked, scales by target size
* Also zaps nearby missiles when activated
* Armor: hits every nearby target, reduced effectiveness per target, fewer charges
* Targeting: increased effectiveness, fewer charges
* Elite: unlimited charges and faster operation, reduced effectiveness
- Added Celerity Drive system
* Used by the Maximus
* Dramatically slows down time for the ship while charging up (sliding from 0.5x to 0.2x), dramatically speeds up time while active (sliding from 5.5x to 1x)
* Risk-reward behavior; you are extremely vulnerable during the charge-up
* Time scale is constantly sliding; maximizing this system takes skill and practice
* Also zaps nearby missiles/fighters/ships when activated
* Armor: damper field effect while charging
* Targeting: greatly reduced weapon flux cost
* Elite: reduced charge up, reduced duration, reduced cooldown
- Updated Lux Finis system
* Used by the Adamas
* Toggled system with its own gauge
* Improves flux stats, speed, maneuverability, and damage reduction
* Reduces PPT while active
* Armor: greater damage reduction
* Targeting: doesn't improve speed/maneuverability, but increases flux stats even further and increases ROF
* Elite: borrows the redlining mechanics from Overdrive
- Removed the Colosseum and Invasion missions
- Remade the remaining missions
- Added cool trails to certain weapons
- Various minor stats, supply costs, and prices updated across the board
- Reworked Yamato and Yamato-related stats
- Reworked the appearance of many miscellaneous things (projectiles, planet textures, etc.)
- Campaign overhaul:
* Reworked Imperium-specific market conditions and industries
* Reworked Imperium lore and reworked many campaign-related descriptions
* Removed Siege event
* Removed production-related events
* Removed Military-Industrial market/condition
* Removed Imperium Conversions market
* Added Imperial Guard HQ that spawns special hyper-competent Imperial Guard fleets

Version 1.19.0 (April 23, 2018)
- Added spammy AOE anti-fighter missile weapon
* Added Fundae SRM Pod
* Added Heavy Fundae Pod
* Added Onager Launcher
- Added a 2x Fundae to the Flamen
- Increased Flamen OP to 5
- Decreased Scutum OP to 7
- Drive Booster is weaker when applied in reverse or forward, stronger for lateral movement
- Made II hullmods somewhat rarer in general, and 10x less likely to appear in random loot

Version 1.18.2 (December 1, 2017)
- Gave Draconarius a pair of single-shot Ballista missiles
- Reduced Scutum refit time to 10 from 15
- Made Scorpio Javelin Launcher great again
- Fixed hullmod-related crash bug

Version 1.18.1 (October 3, 2017)
- AI improvementsccel to make it better at interception
- Minor fixes

Version 1.18.0 (October 1, 2017):
- Significantly adjusted all ship stats to be more in-between midline and low tech standards
- Redesigned Imperial hull mods and added a third option:
* Imperial EL Armor
~ Was Energized Armor
~ Also boosts armor as with Heavy Armor
~ Costs more OP
~ Incompatible with other Imperial hull mods and range hull mods
* Imperial FFCS Core
~ Was Fire Control System
~ No longer reduces weapon turn rate
~ Now boosts weapon accuracy
~ Now reduces ship speed / acceleration
~ Incompatible with other Imperial hull mods and speed hull mods
* Imperial HFR Conduits
~ Reduces armor, repair speed, and weapon/engine health
~ Reduces shield strength
~ Multiplies dissipation and weapon rate of fire
~ Increases all speed/maneuverability stats
~ Incompatible with other Imperial hull mods and durability hull mods
- New Caesar sprite, slightly different turret layout and stats
- Reworked Caesar main weapon to Crocea Mors, a high-velocity energy-damage railgun
- Reworked Imperial ship skin stats
- Ballista is now a two-stage missile with a fast, short-range second stage with poor guidance
- Ballista damage reduced to 300 from 400
- Ballista HP reduced to 50 from 75
- Sledge Gun OP increased to 7 from 6
- Sledge Cannon OP increased to 13 from 12
- Sledge Gun proc damage decreased to 30 from 30-to-50
- Sledge Cannon proc damage decreased to 60 from 60-to-100
- Sagittarius ADC redesigned to Sagittarius Autogun
- Inferna pulsar bombs now split into a bunch of small pulses rather than one big pulse
* 200x5 damage instead of 750x1
- Reduced Heavy Pulse Laser OP to 12 from 13
- Increased Flamen's Particle Gun damage to 60 from 40
- Buffed Flamen turn rate/accel to make it better at interception
- Minor fixes

Version 1.17.2 (June 19, 2017):
- Major save stability fixes
- Optimized textures to not overlap with Unknown Skies, saving VRAM
- Invictus shield changed (front-240 to omni-120, efficiency 0.8 to 0.9)
- Decurion shield changed (omni-120 to front-180, upkeep 0.4 to 0.5)
- Major adjustment to fleet composition ratios for various factions

Version 1.17.1 (June 10, 2017):
- Reduced Flamen OP to 0 from 4
- Adjusted Vicarius Corvette to Vicarius Assault Fighter, now wing of 2 at 20 OP
- Slightly buffed Draconarius Fighters
- Adjusted weapon tiers
- Adjusted weapon prices
- Some ship price adjustments
- Pulsar weapons no longer fire multiple projectiles at the same time, but are far more efficient than before
- Additional DynaSector support
- Improved a few odds and ends

Version 1.17.0 (June 4, 2017):
- Updated to support Starsector 0.8.1a
- Removed Saltus Divinus, Duality Research Station, and Traian markets (but kept certain features at those locations)
- Adjusted economy, prevented edge cases that could break things
- Fixed rare TITAN/Apocalypse bug
- TITAN initial damage respects shield placement
- Jupiter now has Advanced Targeting Core instead of Targeting Supercomputer
- Significant rebalance of Siege effects
- D-modded Olympus is no longer usable
- Significant changes to Imperium debris/derelicts
- Made Ballistae slightly more sluggish
- A TITAN intercepted before it detonates has a chance to detonate early for reduced damage
- Increased Interstellar Bazaar tariffs
- Invictus supplies/rec increased to 5 from 4
- Matriarch now has 7 flight decks again
- Matriarch OP increased to 280 from 250
- Changed Matriarch ship system to Wing Command Center
- Increased Vicarius toughness
- Decreased Telum damage to 225 from 250

Version 1.16.0 (May 13, 2017):
- Updated to support Starsector 0.8a
- Improved fleet spawn scaling
- Siege fleets now have major CR bonuses during the siege, depending on the status of escort fleets
- Significantly weakened Javelin tracking
- Significantly slowed down Javelins, like mini-torpedoes
- Increased Javelin HP to 300 from 150
- Scorpio Javelin Launcher now fires Javelins one at a time
- Adjusted various ship stats to meet new standards
- Energized Armor no longer offers damage reduction, but does raise maximum damage reduction and minimum armor level
- Scalprum Drone converted to wing
- Malleus ship system is now Targeting Feed
- Jupiter's built in hullmods changed to Targeting Supercomputer
- Matriarch ship system is now Reserve Deployment
- Combined all three Vicarius variants into a single variant with a light assault gun and railgun
- Rebalanced fighters
- Princeps reworked as a 1-deck battlecarrier with Reserve Deployment
- Lynx now has built-in ECCM Package
- Lynx-S now has built-in Surveying Equipment
- Enhanced campaign terrain in various ways

Version 1.15.0 (March 26, 2017):
- Changed Caesar shield arc to 60 degree omni from 45 degree front; updated shield stats
- Slightly improved Caesar maneuverability
- Changed Matter Accelerator Cannon to Spheric Cannon (kinetic artillery)
- Removed Active Armor
- Added Galvanic Armor
- Reduced the penalties associated with Imperial Guard ships
- Lux Repeater burst size increased to 14 from 10
- Lux Repeater damage decreased to 40 from 50
- Lux Repeater flux cost decreased to 30 from 40
- Lux Repeater accuracy improved
- Increased power for Drive Booster
- Reworked Infernium Turbo
- Redid Pulsar weapons to be high-burst weapons
- Improved Pulsar and Solis projectile visuals
- Reduced Solid Cannon projectile velocity
- Made the Inferna bomber tougher and more reliable
- Made the Colosseum mission harder
- Updated various scripts to remove frame rate dependence on graphical effects

Version 1.14.0 (January 8, 2017):
- Added the Adamas-class Heavy Cruiser
- Added Imperial Guard variants of the Decurion, Praetorian, Sebastos, and Dominus
- Added Photon Blaster and Lightspear built-in weapons for the Adamas-class
- Improved armor and speed of the TITAN missile
- Improved survivability and power of the Apocalypse MIRV missile
- Reworked Scutum Defense Drone (wing of 5, individually weaker)
- Reworked Sagittarius ADC
- Made Hailfire Chaingun more accurate
- Removed damage bonus to beam weapons from Infernium Turbo (was too OP with photon beam cannon)
- Increased ammo capacity for Pulsar weapons
- Greatly increased Fusion Pulse Cannon projectile speed
- Redesigned/rebalanced Energized Armor
- Various minor bugs fixed
- Updated ship and weapon prices
- Added Colosseum mission
- Added Diamond in the Rough mission
- Fixed Olympus conversions
- Removed Battle of Corvus mission

Version 1.13.1 (September 17, 2016):
- Improved Drive Booster hulk-avoidance
- Energized Armor bonus increased to 100% from 75%
- Drive Booster recovers charges more quickly (by about 33%)
- Rebalanced Hailfire Chaingun (lower DPS, less flux, lower OP)
- Drastically reduced the flux cost of the Photon Beam Cannon
- Small tweaks

Version 1.13.0 (May 21, 2016):
- Added Inferna-class bomber, reworked Vicarius-B

Version 1.12.0 (April 15, 2016):
- Reworked Turbo Drive, renamed to Infernium Turbo
- Remade Drive Booster from the ground up
- Draconarius redesigned around a Lux Repeater instead of Pulsar Cannon
- Scutum speed increased dramatically
- Frigate and destroyer speed and acceleration adjusted for higher top speed and more inertia
- Maximus reworked; updated system, new built-in weapons (Fusion Pulse Cannon)
- Adjusted economy
- Buffed Javelin HP

Version 1.11.0 (April 3, 2016):
- Major sound overhaul for many weapons, effects, and abilities
- Sprite update to all ships, improving clarity and colors
- Added Tachyon Field in Ex Vis, which increases fleet speed
- Improved Javelin 100%
- Ballista weapons rebalanced
- Additional bug fixes

Version 1.10.2 (March 1, 2016):
- Javelin damage increased to 1000 from 900
- Slot adjustments (Composite/Synergy)
- Adjustments for 0.7.2a

Version 1.10.1 (February 20, 2016):
- Centurion renamed to Legionary
- Made Javelins less likely to ram into allies
- Gravity Cannon now does energy damage instead of fragmentation damage (all other stats the same)
- Minor bugfixes

Version 1.10.0 (January 30, 2016):
- Lynx-S added
- Sebastos-F added
- Telum Autocannon added
- Solis Cannon added
- Heavy Pulse Laser added
- Lux Repeater added
- Javelin ASM (Single) added
- Added ISA Energized Armor hull mod
- Added ISA Fire Control System hull mod
- Added star system Ex Vis (three markets, a new terrain type, some unique mechanics)
- Added Military Complex submarket for Nova Capitalis
- Added Imperial Conversions submarket for Nova Capitalis
- Added Production Boom/Drop event for Nova Capitalis
- Interstellar Bazaar now has The Great Starship Market, a special market that replaces the military market
- Improved Thracia and Corsica systems; added content
- New terrain type for the terrain around Arafa (gas giant)
- Added Imperial Embassy station to Yma
- Added encounter and market music
- Improved/added descriptions to campaign elements (planets, stations, etc.)
- Sieges no longer crush the economy
- Sieges can be broken by peace treaties
- Leviathan renamed to Barrus
- Lynx and Sebastos sprites touched up
- Javelin HP reduced to 75 from 125

Version 1.9.2 (December 22, 2015):
- Siege fleets are less hardcore; sieges are less common
- Siege events improved overall
- Javelins redone as anti-cruiser MRMs (hybrid torpedoes)
- Updated economy
- The Interstellar Imperium is no longer hostile toward the Sindrian Diktat
- New background image for Thracia

Version 1.9.1 (December 6, 2015):
- Updated for 0.7.1a
- Fixed Olympus crashing
- Updated economy

Version 1.9.0 (November 27, 2015):
- Portraits added
- Lynx added
- Malleus and Scalprum Drones added
- Matriarch added
- Reduced Pulsar Repeater OP to 10 from 11
- Javelin MRM Rack, Javelin MRM Launcher, and Scorpio Javelin Launcher added
- Updated many ships for Hybrid slots, new campaign mechanics, etc.
- Better custom fleet AI behaviors
- New Caesar sprite and Dictator sprites
- Updated Falcon (I) and Eagle (I) sprites
- Pulsar weapons no longer regenerate ammo, but use slightly less flux to fire
- Another SS+ boss bounty added
- OP values updated

Version 1.8.3 (September 27, 2015):
- Dominus hull increased to 12500 from 11000
- Dominus flux dissipation increased to 800 from 700
- Nexerelin implementation updated for Corvus Mode
- TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV now show up on the Olympus in refit
- Tariff increased to 30%
- Sagittarius ADC animation improved

Version 1.8.2 (May 17, 2015):
- Sledge Gun and Sledge Cannon descriptions include RNG damage numbers
- The Hegemony now tries harder to fight off sieges
- Light Ballista Rack range decreased to 2000 from 8000; now effectively an MRM
- Ballista LRM Launcher range decreased to 5000 from 8000
- Basileus and Basileus-F universal turret changed to energy turret
- Basileus and Basileus-F shield removed
- Basileus fleet points increased to 6 from 4
- Sebastos OP increased to 100 from 95
- Dictator OP decreased to 155 from 160
- Dominus OP increased to 190 from 180
- Centurion medium universal slots changed to ballistic (hardpoint) and energy (turret)
- Decurion medium universal slots changed to energy slots

Version 1.8.1 (March 28, 2015):
- Sledge Gun and Sledge Cannon given RNG damage mechanic: on a hull hit, a chance for extra damage
- Sledge Gun overall DPS increased to 85 from 65
- Sledge Cannon overall DPS increased to 132 from 100
- Sieges nerfed
- Campaign fuel shortages should be less severe
- TwigLib compatibility improved

Version 1.8 (March 14, 2015):
- New artwork for Decurion, Dominus, Invictus, Jupiter, Maximus, and Sebastos
- Hammerhead (I) added
- Wolf (I) added
- (D) versions added: Decurion, Dictator, Interrex, Invictus, Praetorian
- Pirate versions added: Decurion, Interrex

Version 1.7.3 (March 8, 2015):
- Juptier maneuverability increased
- Gravity Cannon force increased by 40%
- Siege fleet size nerfed
- Light Ballista nerfed again
- Exerelin compatibility

Version 1.7.2 (February 22, 2015):
- Ballista damage increased to 400 from 350
- Turbo Drive ballistic rate of fire, energy damage, and flux dissipation bonuses increased to 50% from 33%
- Drive Booster flux usage reduced to 150% base dissipation from 200%
- Decurion flux dissipation increased to 200 from 175
- Dominus maneuverability increased

Version 1.7.1 (February 18, 2015):
- Fixed Siege crash

Version 1.7 (February 17, 2015):
- Updated for Starsector 0.65.2a
- Market conditions improved slightly
- Weapon rebalance pass
- Siege event added

Version 1.6.2 (January 26, 2015):
- Corsica is now a binary system
- Light Ballista Rack now shoots one missile at a time
- Interstellar Bazaar produces fewer luxury goods
- New Photon Beam Cannon sound

Version 1.6.1 (January 8, 2015):
- Crash involving TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV resolved
- Phase Jaunt AI improved
- Traian and Perinthus moved
- Jupiter and Dictator sprites updated

Version 1.6 (December 8, 2014):
- Code review and cleanup
- Added Corsica star system and markets
- Added Leviathan-class Combat Freighter
- Added Bear-Baiting mission
- Fixed background images for missions and Thracia
- Art upgrade/improvement pass; most ships are updated for shading and consistency

Version 1.5.1 (November 18, 2014):
- Babylon and Byzantium are now one connected market called Interstellar Bazaar
- Minor fixes and balance changes

Version 1.5 (November 14, 2014):
- Updated for Starsector 0.65a
- Compatibility adjustments for ShaderLib Beta
- Falcon (I)-class Cruiser added (alternate Falcon hull)
- Eagle (I)-class Cruiser added (alternate Eagle hull)
- Thracia system revamped; given markets and custom fleets
- Imperial/Hegemony fleets will travel into other systems and harass each other
- Price updates
- Prices, fuel usage, and other various stats updated to keep in line with 0.65
- Updated ship bounding polygons
- High Maintenance added to Maximus
- Fighter balance adjustments
- Apocalypse MIRV has many more missiles
- Apocalypse MIRV AI update
- Apocalypse and Ballista LRM stats and appearance adjusted
- Gravity Cannon and Photon Beam Cannon now charge up before firing; stats updated
- Praetorian armor increased to 700 from 600
- Interrex armor increased to 500 from 400
- Ballistae reduced to 350 damage from 400; hit points reduced to 75 from 100
- Pulsar flux costs slightly increased
- Light Ballista Rack ammo reduced to 6 from 10; OP reduced to 5 from 6
- Basileus OP increased to 38 from 35; built-in Expanded Missile Racks removed; CR stats adjusted; Fast Missile Racks replaced with Flare Launcher

Version 1.4 (August 30, 2014):
- Surface maps added for all ships and weapons
- Cargo and burn speeds adjusted to match vanilla levels
- Version Checker support added
- Small bugs and AI issues resolved

Version 1.3.1 (August 13, 2014):
- Maximus stats adjusted
- Flamen wing reduced to 2 supplies/day from 3 supplies/day; other CR stats adjusted
- Vicarius wing CR stats adjusted
- Scutum wing reduced to 2 supplies/day from 3 supplies/day
- Phase Jaunt system now has 5 regenerating charges
- Minor polishing improvements

Version 1.3 (July 28, 2014):
- Added Auriga-class Tug
- Added Basileus-F-class Freighter
- Added Maximus-class Advanced Frigate
- Added Jupiter-class Defense Platform
- Added Gravity Cannon (built-in)
- Stability improvements
- Minor polish and AI improvements

Version 1.2.1 (June 9, 2014):
- Fixed sound and stats issue with Sagittarius ADC

Version 1.2 (June 9, 2014):
- Added Scutum-class Defense Fighter
- Added Sagittarius ADC weapon
- Updated Sledge Cannon sprite
- Updated sound for Matter Accelerator Cannon
- Updated default variants

Version 1.1.1 (June 9, 2014):
- Updated normal and material maps for ShaderLib Alpha v1.5
- Fixed Olympus normal/material maps

Version 1.1 (June 7, 2014):
- Vicarius Support given railguns instead of sledge guns
- Vicarius Bomber nerfed in DPS
- Added material maps and normal maps for all ships and weapons
- Additional fixes

Version 1.0.3 (May 28, 2014):
- Vicarius, Basileus, Decurion, Praetorian, Interrex, Centurion, and Caesar CR stats adjusted
- Invictus and Sebastos minimum and maximum crew increased

Version 1.0.2 (May 26, 2014):
- Decurion, Invictus, and Centurion flux stats adjusted
- Light Ballista Rack added

Version 1.0.1 (May 25, 2014):
- Custom sound effect added to Particle Gun and Particle Repeater
- TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV no longer persist in campaign fleets
- AI is now more likely to fire the TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV

Version 1.0 (May 22, 2014):
- Initial release


[0.97a] Interstellar Imperium 2.6.4 (2024)
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