Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (2024)

Lost Lands is one of the most popular point-and-click puzzle and object-finding series around. I love leading Susan into each new adventure and if you do too, read on for my full walkthrough for Lost Lands 4, The Wanderer.

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Lost Lands 4: The Wanderer Full Walkthrough

Note that once you reach the Lost Lands, you can use the map (bottom right of your screen) to fast-travel between areas you’ve visited. For this reason, I won’t talk about how to get from A to B in this guide. Also, note the map will remind you of any scenes in which you haven’t yet collected the Collection Item (collectible) or Morphing Object.

At the start of the game, our hero Susan returns home to find a mysterious glowing crate in her home. This is part one of my full walkthrough for Lost Lands 4: The Wanderer and it will take you up to the light puzzle, which opens the gate to the Earl’s estate, including all puzzle solutions. If you want to find help for later parts of the game, use the links below.

  • Lost Lands Walkthrough, Part 2:From entering the grounds of the Earl’s castle to using the Sleeping Dart on the guard in the Earl’s Throne room.
  • Lost Lands Walkthrough, Part 3:From using the blow rod in the throne room to restoring the Water of Life near the Pangonian’s home.
  • Lost Lands Walkthrough, Part 4:From restoring the Water of Life near the Pangonian’s home to the conclusion of the main story.
  • Lost Lands Bonus Chapter Walkthrough: The complete bonus chapter.

A mysterious box

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (1)

Click the TV (a1) for a close-up to grab your Diary, then the glowing chest (a2) to read the note telling you that to open the chest, you’ll need the Anti-Magic Gloves you brought back from your last adventure. Take the Ballpoint Pen (a3) and your Cell Phone (a4), then check the TV close-up (a1) once more to charge up your phone. Once it is plugged in, click the phone to check your messages and note the new safe code, 4 8 15 16 23 42.

Select the photos on the wall (a5) and use the pen to open up and reveal the safe. Input the code and you’ll get the Anti-Magic Gloves. Use them to open the chest, take the Compass of the Worlds, and head out. When you arrive on the ship, click the cabin doors to knock on them and they’ll open up. Click the entrance to go inside.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (2)

Click Captain Finuer Stulburn for a brief conversation that triggers a symbol-matching puzzle. To complete the puzzle, use the gaps on either side to drag pieces out of the center circle so that you can rearrange them. Keep doing this until they all match the inner circle and the puzzle is solved. You can’t fail, so just keep switching pieces until the circle is complete (see above).

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The Cave

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (3)

Pick up the Collectible (b1) and Morphing Object (b2), then click the curtain (b3) to start an object-finding challenge. Note you need to light the candle on the stool to burn the wax to get the knob, and you need to use the chisel and weight to open the clasp on the window to find the corkscrew. Once complete, you’ll get the Blunt Knife. Use the knife on the door (b4), and head outside.

Click Corko (c1) to move to the next scene and talk to Corko by clicking him there to find out you need to help him fix the ferry so you can head to the town across the river.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (4)

Go back to the scene outside the room you were in and find the Collectible and the Morphing Object (c2), which are right next to each other on the ground, as well as taking the Map Piece and Wood Shavings by the tree stump (c3). Head back to Corko.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (5)

The Collectible is by the bridge (d1), while the Morphing Object is on the path near Corko’s feet (d2). Take some Tea Leaves (d3) and the Hammer (d4), then move back up the hill. Use the hammer to remove some Bent Nails (c4) and then click the box again to open it, taking a Manuscript and Firestarter from inside. Select the bent nails in your inventory and use the hammer on them to create Nails.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (6)

Now you can give the nails to Corko to start a plank placement puzzle. Each of the three puzzle levels has three pieces that go on it, adding up to eight planks on each. If you get stuck, use my image above and note the placement of metal supports to guide you. Once complete, you can use the ferry to go to the Bay of Sorrows.

The Bay of Sorrows

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (7)

The Morphing Object is by the well (e1) and the Collectible is by the ship mast (e2). Use the hammer to remove the two signs on the signpost (e3), revealing some symbols. There’s nothing else to do here yet, so click the gates (e4) to head into the town.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (8)

You’ll find the Morphing Object in the middle of the road (f1), and the Collectible by the cartwheel (f2). The area at the top of the stairs (f3) will get you a Manuscript and a Long Club. Clear the rest of the rubbish here to reveal a symbol, then click the archway (f4) to move on.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (9)

Take the Bucket (g1), Collectible (g2), and Morphing Object (g3) from the beach, then get a close-up of the forward ship area (g4) and click the Pry Bar to collect it (don’t miss the Kindling and Map Piece in the same close-up). Use the long club on the net (g5) to get the Steering Wheel.

Move to the outskirts of town and use the steering wheel on the well mechanism (e1), which will raise the rope. Add the bucket, click the device to drop it, and pull it back up to get a Bucket of Water. Don’t miss the Map Piece in the well close-up.

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Releasing Jepp

Head back to town and use the pry bar to release the man in the cellar (f5), which also gets you the Metal Bars. Now click the kitchen area (f6) for a close-up. Put the wood shavings and kindling in the oven, and use the knife and fire starter to light it. Put the tea in the saucepan, then remove it once dried and put it in the cup. Use the bucket of water on the kettle, add the lid, then put the kettle on the cup to get a Cup of Tea. Give it to the man in the cellar (Jepp) and after a cutscene, you’ll have access to the cellar.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (10)

The Collectible is by the straw bed (h1) and the Morphing Object is on the steps (h2). Click the bed for a close-up, then click its corner to find a Manuscript and take a Shovel Blade. Also, take a Crystal from the stairs (h3) and the Whetstone (h4).

Select the blunt knife in your inventory and use it on the whetstone to get the Sharp Knife. Now select the blade in your inventory, add the long club, and then use the sharp knife on it. Click the sharpened club and you’ll receive the Shovel.

Move to the ship and use the shovel to move the sand (g6), after which you can pick up the Fish Figurine. Then click the rope (g7), which raises the gangplank, giving you access to the ship. Go back into town and use the figurine on the door (f7) to gain access to a missing object puzzle. Once completed, you’ll get the Fragment.

On the ship

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (11)

Head back to the beach, go up the gangplank onto the ship, and click Jepp for a cut scene. Click Jepp afterward to get more details, then grab the Morphing Object (i1) and Collectible (i2). Get a close-up of the spyglass (i3) and take a second Crystal, also noting the symbols carved into the wood.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (12)

Click the steering wheel (i4) next, adding the fragment to it to start a light puzzle. If you struggle with this one, one solution is 4,6,1,3,6,8,2,7,4,2,5,8,3,5,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1 (see image above). Once complete, you’ll get a Clock Hand and a Key.

Go back to the cellar, use the key to open the secret passage into the captain’s house (h5), and head inside. Grab the ladder (j1) and place it under the trapdoor (j2), take the Axe (j3), then click the bed (j4) to find a Manuscript and a third Crystal (after cutting the pillow open with the knife). Take the Candle and Lockpick from the desk (j5), then read the note. This will trigger a brief cut scene with Jepp, after which he’ll give you the Berserker’s Recipe. Click the desk again afterward and take the Gear.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (13)

Select the clock (j6) and open the bottom section to find a Map Piece. You can add the clock hand to get it out of your inventory, but it won’t do anything yet. Both the Collectible and the Morphing Object are on the shelves behind the bed (j7).

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Opening the gate

Move to the town, use the candle in the oven (f6) to get a Lit Candle, then return to the captain’s house and use the lit candle in the dark area leading to the loft and take the Beaver Tail. When you do, the steps will break.

Go back to the cave where you started, add the beaver tail to the beaver statute (b5), and click it once attached to open the mouth and take a fourth Crystal.

Back at the ship, click the winch (i5) for a close-up and get a Manuscript Part before adding the gear to the mechanism. Click the winch again to lower it. If you now go back to the beach you can access the net (g5). Use the knife to cut it open and take the final Crystal.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (14)

Return to the area outside town where the ferry dropped you and select the gates (e5), adding the five crystals to start a light-path puzzle. You need to rotate the crystals so that the light from the top left is redirected through all of them and hits the device in the bottom right. Once complete (see above), the gate will open and give you access to the third region of the game, The Earl’s Castle.

If you want to continue the walkthrough with us here at Pro Game Guides, click through to my Lost Lands 4 walkthrough, Part 2!

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Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough (2024)
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